Juliet Patsalos-Fox, our founder, was born and raised in London. She studied at Oxford and worked as a management consultant before moving to the USA in 1996 with her husband and three children. Throughout her life, Juliet has led an active lifestyle, but after being diagnosed and beginning treatment for colon cancer in 2010 faced an enormous challenge to regain her health. As part of her goal-oriented recovery, she set herself the ambitious target of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. After attending numerous seminars and reading extensively on the topic, Juliet realized that attaining this goal would only be possible by improving her mindfulness in tandem with her purely physical fitness.
Over the following year, Juliet relied heavily on a combination of indoor cycling, yoga and meditation to help get her in shape for the weeklong climb to ~19,000 feet above sea level. In October 2012, Juliet successfully reached the summit and completed her climb, capping off a remarkable recovery from surgery and chemotherapy. After returning from her trip, Juliet was inspired to bring a new concept in fitness to Somerset County. Ride+Reflect was founded to give area residents unique access to classes that would help them develop their fitness and mindfulness, empowering them to better tackle life's challenges.