Our ride classes are rhythm driven workouts. Each ride includes 1 song with weights for the upper body, and 1 song for our signature 'reflection' giving you a chance to tune in. This is truly a full body workout that will leave you sweating, singing and ready to sign up for more.


Are you a music lover? Well then spin could be the answer to all of your fitness woes. Follow us on Spotify to get our current mood.


Cycling classes provide a cardiovascular workout that improves strength, stability and coordination while increasing endurance and burning lots of calories. Cycling is also low impact on the lower back and joints, so it's great for people with back and knee problems. 



Plan to wear a moisture wicking top, fitted bottoms and stiff soled clip-in cycling shoes. If you do not have cycle shoes, you can rent a pair for $3. We also sell shoes in all sizes for men and women. Our cycles are equipped with SPD style clips and conventional cages.



Don't work out on an empty stomach, and don't eat just before you start the class.  A piece of fruit is good up to 30 minutes before the class.   Also, please make sure to drink lots of water.  We have a full service Juice & Smoothie bar and also some small snacks for sale. We have changing rooms, lockers and fully stocked showers. We also have a water filtration system, so don't forget your water bottle! If you do, we have water for sale. 



Our classes are accessible to all levels of riders and easily adaptable to all fitness levels. Instructors will encourage you to give it your all, but you, and only you, are in control of the bike's speed and resistance…exercise comfortably at your own pace. If you are new to indoor cycling, please arrive 10 minutes before your first class so that the instructor can set you up on the bike and orient you. Feel free to book a studio tour so we can help you get the most out of your ride.  Email us at to schedule your tour.


  • Due to the size restrictions of our bikes, please ensure that all participants are at least 4'9"
  • Any participant under the age of 18 will need a parent/guardian to sign a waiver
  • Let your instructor know about any health concerns before class
  • Check with your physician before starting any new exercise regime