Classes at Ride + Reflect

How do you get everything you need from one class when time is short and the sun is shining? Our signature Ride/Reflect class has it all. Break a sweat and then slow it down with a yoga flow. Cycling benefits include increased muscular endurance, stress reduction, and a major calorie burn. Yoga complements this, utilizing poses that focus on flexibility, balance, as well as active and restorative stretches.
Our Classic Ride is a 45 minute full body cardio workout. It is a rhythm driven class that gets your heart pumping and your sweat dripping!
Fhiit Club classes are high intensity interval training (hiit) workouts where we use intense periods of work alternated with short rest intervals to produce results. You can expect to lose weight and body fat, increase muscle definition, feel better and have more energy, all of this from workouts in a motivating, high-energy environment with great music and experienced Fhiit Coaches.
Fhiit Fundamentals is for people who are looking for a less intense class that will work on increasing mobility, balance, strength, and endurance. This will help build the foundation necessary to progress either your fitness own path or into more advanced classes.
Are you new to yoga? Have you been away from yoga for a long time?Or, a great yogi yearning to slow down the pace? Come stretch and strengthen!Gentle Yoga incorporates basic breathing techniques, gentle warm ups, attention to building a good pose from the ground up. Enjoy a reward at the end of class in Savasana (total relaxation) allowing the body to assimilate and calm mind & body.
Make your day special with this hour ride to really improve your stamina and cardio fitness.  
Kids will learn yoga in a fun, creative and focused way.  Each week is a yoga adventure offering engaging yoga poses, music, games, art, storytelling, visualization and relaxation.   Kids learn to connect with the breath, stretch their imagination, build body awareness, and be inspired to understand nature and the world around them.
Tone, stretch and align your whole body. Create long, lean muscles without bulk. Known to improve your posture, strengthen your spine and increase your flexibility, this total body conditioning workout focuses on building core strength. Open to all levels.
Room Temperature – 70-75 degrees
This 45 Minute Ride is for Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and anyone else celebrating Mothers Day together. Susan will teach this class DJ'd by her daughter Avery. 
A performance based class focusing on improving your workload, endurance and intensity without "skipping a beat".
Prior indoor cycle experience is suggested.
PiYo Live is low-impact, low-high intensity workout combining the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexiblity of yoga.  This up tempo workout incorporates dynamic balance, athletic/dance conditioning and plyometrics in a rhythmic approach to mind/body fitness.  
All levels welcome.  Modifications and advanced options are provided to participants.
Rejuvenate your body as you move dynamically through postures while building endurance, improving balance and coordination. This advanced class will challenge you on all levels.
Room Temperature – 90 degrees
For those that wish to be challenged, take 60 minutes to recharge your batteries.. You will have a wonderful warm vinyasa flow and gain flexibility, strength and focus. 
Project Physique
(Yoga + Ballet/ Barre techniques + Strength)
It is a high energy combo of yoga, ballet/barre techniques and strength movements that are essential for balancing both mind and body in one efficient and effective class.
Restorative yoga is a great way to relax your body and mind. It is the centering of your breath and body, aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. The props assist in helping you to hold poses longer. 
Teens will learn yoga in a creative and focused way, with yoga poses, visualization and relaxation. Students will build the mind/body/soul connection, enhance strength and flexibility, manage stress, and build confidence.

Please bring a mat!

A challenging flow of asanas focusing on mindfulness and breath. The studio is heated to a comfortable 90 degrees. Students can expect to leave class feeling stronger, more flexible, focused and completely relaxed.
A challenging flow of asanas focusing on mindfulness and breath. The studio is heated to a comfortable 90 degrees. Students can expect to leave class feeling stronger, more flexible, focused and completely relaxed.
Move, sweat and flow. This fast-paced, detoxifying class blends great music with an athletic flow for an all-over Yoga Burn. For those that wish to be challenged.

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